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“(Jane) presents original, jazz-inflected sounds on her CD “Peace of The River,” on the Pink Carnation label, exhibiting her exquisite voice in a context that is straight-up polite, positive, and at times uplifting.” The Ann Arbor News

“Pitt’s original songs are very sunny things about nature and hope that she somehow brings off through sheer sincerity. Her manner is so appealing that she does other peoples’ songs like “Here Comes The Sun” and “Sunny Side of the Street: and makes them fit right in with her overall program.”
Cadence Magazine

“With its nearly 50-50 split between originals and covers, Roman Pitt’s latest work recalls Cassandra Wilson’s New Moon Daughter. But whereas Wilson’s delivery is smoky noir cool, Roman Pitt’s voice is crystalline. . . it also would be a safe bet that Wilson’s repertoire has never included material based on ancient Indian scriptures or campfire songs.”
The Detroit Jewish News

Peace of the River is a collection of eleven songs that range from standards to blues to bossa. Half are original compositions and half are songs that I fell in love with long ago and had to get to know, in the way you get to know a song only by singing it over and over until it becomes your own.


“I Forgot About the Stars” came from a Fourth of July party in the country, lying back watching the fireworks. I became aware that the stars were rivaling the fireworks for my attention, and realized all over again just how many there were. Award winning jazz pianist Rick Roe co-arranged and played on this piece and many on the CD. His skill, sensitivity, and creativity has been a great inspiration to me. “Child of the Circled Heart” is the description of a drawing of an angel child that I found years ago. I wanted the music to move, so it is written in alternating 7/8 and 6/8 meters and features New York alto sax player Douglas Yates. “Here Comes The Sun” is a song that I’d always heard in my head as a lullaby, so that’s how we do it here. It reassures me, every time I hear or sing it, that spring in on the way. “Sunshine Switch” shows off the incredible talent of guitarist Johnny Lawrence. “Look To Today” is based on a quote from the Vedic Upanishads, and in tribute to Indian music, the rhythm is in 5/4. “She Walks Like A Whisper” describes a young woman I know who is incredibly graceful, reserved, and self-possessed. “Where The Sky Meets The Future” was inspired by the Iowa countryside, where it is so beautifully bare in the winter that there is the space to feel the glory of the horizon. Ed Sarath, internationally lauded composer and the Chair of the Jazz Department at the University of Michigan, created a duet out of a solo song with his haunting flugelhorn playing. The positive message of “Sunny Side of the Street,” a song from the Depression, is just as relevant today as ever. Arranged in a slow and easy style, bass player and premier jazz club owner Ron Brooks takes the bass solos. “Where or When” is my homage to the miracle of instant connection between people, even when meeting for the first time. When I was a girl I went to Girl Scout Camp, and learned “Peace of the River” sitting around the campfire eating s’mores. The song reappeared in my brain, many years later, as a gospel tune and wouldn’t go away, so I sing it here with the help of master blues organist Bill Heid. “Going Beyond” was written in Canada at a meditation retreat. I had the clear experience of all life being connected at a deep level and the certainty that we are meant to be living that experience all the time.

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