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The song “Iowa Gold” came to me as I was driving through the Iowa countryside one day. I’d just been visiting a big city, and my appreciation of the simple beauty and richness of the landscape flowed out in this song.

Iowa landscape photographer Ken West has perfectly captured the beauty of Iowa with his collection of photographs of Iowa’s Scenic Byways, commissioned by the Resource and Development Councils of Iowa.

The song “Iowa Gold” was officially honored by the Iowa State House of Representatives, and has been enjoyed by schoolchildren throughout the state.

A choral arrangement of “Iowa Gold” is available through Running Pine Music. Set for two/three voice parts and piano accompaniment, “Iowa Gold” is appropriate for elementary through beginning high school choirs and community choirs.
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Verse 1
The West Coast has mountains and a mighty ocean
On the East Coast the world can be bought and sold
But here in the heartland each field is a treasure
Brimming with soil that is gold

Verse 2
This part of the country is a place for growing
As day after day unfolds
The strength of the land is the heart of the people
Caring for Iowa gold

Iowa gold, this land is filled with wonder
Precious as any rare jewel you could hold
Precious to the life of this mighty nation
Treasure our Iowa gold

Verse 3
Generations before us united with nature
And nurtured the land that we now have and hold
The whole world depends on the fruits of our labor
Depends on our Iowa gold

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